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Unsurpassed expertise lead to increased cost savings and improved efficiencies 
Law firms are continuously seeking operational and cost efficiencies that will enhance their current operations.  This has led to a comprehensive self-analysis, taking an eagle-eyed view at traditional operating models versus an updated, modernized operational model.  Challenging legal cases and demanding clients are driving this need to ensure continued revenue growth and seamless structural changes to thrive in the challenging legal environment of today.

An onsite services solution allows our clients to remove the burden of administrative and operational functions, allowing our clients to focus on the core business services.  OMG Litigation Solutions provide everything necessary to provide an improved service delivery to attorneys, paralegals and firm staff to include; staff, equipment, software solutions and industry best practices.  Key service areas provided by OMG Litigation Solutions are:

  • Managed Mail Services – USPS, UPS, FedEx, Digital Mailroom
  • Courier Services
  • Centralized Production Services – Copy, Print, Scanning, Digital Production
  • Chargeback and Cost Recovery
  • Records Management
  • Reception
  • Hospitality Services
  • Other non-core office services

Subject matter expertise, service excellence driven by industry certified staff 
OMG approaches each opportunity in a consultative manner, focused on providing outstanding services.  OMG Litigation Solutions ensure accountability, confidentiality and reliability throughout our partnership with each client.  OMG leverages our industry expertise to provide each client with efficiency and savings opportunities.  In today’s challenging business climate, you can entrust OMG to deliver the optimal service strategy providing a strong foundation for your organization’s success.

When you partner with OMG for Litigation Solutions you get:

  • Personalized support whenever you need it
    • Customized services and staffing to meet each need within your organization, customized for your culture
  • Knowledgeable staff of experts to help you reach your organization’s goals
    • Our deep domain expertise includes technology and process know-how, advanced technology platforms, and industry veterans with Six Sigma credentials.  Our vendor neutral principle ensures unbiased technology recommendation and implementation
  • Access to an off-site project management team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Access to all levels of OMG – from your on-site staff to the CEO
  • Unique National Account Team approach
    • The OMG Litigation Solutions Team is comprised of an operations manager, account managers, subject matter experts in technology and process integration, off-site services and human resources.  OMG’s strategic approach ensures consistency, cultural alignment and successful execution of Service Level Agreements
  • Best and brightest talent
    • OMG has a dedicated recruiting team, robust training curriculum, and a strong culture for talent management which enables us to retain high caliber individuals, and provides an environment for in-house staff transitioned from our clients to flourish with OMG.
  • Multi-tier and flexible service delivery model
    • Customizable and scalable services from single to multiple site locations to meet each client’s unique requirements
  • Relentless commitment to service excellence
    • We proactively benchmark our performance against industry standards, identify creative ways to enhance processes, and keep abreast of best practices and industry trends
  • Customized documentation and reporting
    • Reporting and documentation built on our Model Site Standards Methodology to provide a detailed look, trend analysis, and recommendations for further efficiencies and cost savings


Leverage our expertise in design, implementation and operation of high-volume service centers 
Mounting pressure to deliver best-in-class service and support, driven by challenging environments, limited in-house resources, and extremely tight timelines have led to many organizations partnering with OMG as their onsite services provider, gaining the benefit of cost savings, quality services, and unsurpassed efficiency.

A customized and scalable on-site solution 
Our comprehensive onsite support services offerings address every detail, from large-scale electronic processing, workflow design, to solution integration and operation.  Our clients need not worry about any unexpected needs or issues, OMG can nimbly bring to bear an impressive array of resources to provide responsive and reliable support.

  • Large-scale litigation processing
  • Document imaging
  • Project management
  • Reporting and analysis

OMG has a proven track record and demonstrated expertise in conceptualizing, strategizing, designing and implementing support centers.  The OMG team has the know-how and right tools to meet the most demanding litigation support needs. 

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Records are critical, high-value assets for a firm and its clients. Having a solid strategic plan for records and information management is critical to mitigate risk, transition to an electronic records environment and ensure regulatory compliance across the firm.

As law firms today scrutinize every dollar they spend, records management has become an area that provides a tangible opportunity for capturing both efficiencies and cost savings, moving records management from a mere back-office necessity to a value-add proposition.

Leverage the expertise of a vetted industry leader 
OMG helps clients streamline records management for both paper and digital documents, standardize practices across all locations and minimize storage costs. Our records management solutions include:

  • Consulting on all aspects of a records information management (RIM) program
  • Staffing and managing a full-service records department
  • Design, implementation and oversight of records policies, retention schedules and procedures
  • Development of offsite storage strategies and contract negotiation

Comprehensive and highly specialized, hands-on experience 
OMG has highly specialized, hands-on experience working in records management.  We understand the special constraints and challenges faced by our clients. They rely on us to provide integrated solutions to accurately, cost-effectively and reliably manage complex records management issues. Our full suite of records management solutions provides efficient information management support to the legal community.