Healthcare Industry Services

OMG's Focus on the Healthcare Industry:

For the past 24 years, OMG has worked toward strengthening our relationships with the healthcare and hospital industry. We are dedicated to helping this, very important, industry achieve their primary goal, which is: providing the highest level of trusted and affordable healthcare to all patients. OMG partners with healthcare specialized logistics solution companies that are focused exclusively on medical applications, specializing in local, regional and
national specimen transportation. Together we
are dedicated to a focus on value, eliminating waste, increasing efficiencies and expanding services to meet the business and client’s needs.

Our healthcare clients enjoy:

  • An open and accommodating partnership where OMG is focused on customer service and satisfaction
  • A sense of urgency in meeting, supporting, and honoring the critical business commitments of each individual department and medical partner
  • Improved reliability, service delivery, and relationship management uniting each department and medical partner with common goals
  • Daily metrics reporting including stop times, on demand orders, specimen count built to suit the needs of each individual business unit
  • Real time GPS tracking of all routed and on demand work
  • A centralized and managed single provider service delivery model that provides our client input and control over the process
  • Risk mitigation through ongoing analysis, monitoring, documentation, and planning
  • Chain of custody of all items transported
  • Detailed business intelligence and performance reports

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