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Logistics Courier Management

OMG meets the diverse needs of its clients, located nationwide, every day. Along with standard mail and package deliveries, we use our expertise in the field of medical and laboratory support offering numerous years of experience in client relations, specialized employee training, specimen collection handling and route operations.

OMG strives to make a difference and offers a platform and resource for clients to change the way they receive services by providing:

  • An extensive due diligence analysis of your courier/logistics operations to determine how your mail and delivery workflow can be optimized to meet the needs of your core business processes.
  • An examination of your existing tracking equipment and technology, delivering expert recommendations for technology upgrades that speed efficiency and integrate effectively into your organization’s scope and size.
  • The restructuring of existing mail and carrier processes and management to heighten efficiency and deliver improved service levels.
  • Peace of mind associated with knowing that their logistics and courier services are managed and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year as needed by each individualized client contract.
  • Exceptional customer service; utilizing the latest in technology, training and service; we are prepared for the unforeseen challenges and disasters clients may face.
  • Preparation to undergo a CAP inspection at any time.
  • Ensuring all agency regulations required for shipping specimens by air and ground are documented and complied.
  • A documented training and safety program to ensure comprehension such as videos, remote testing and supervised in-field training.

Courier/Logistics Services
Adhere to a daily delivery schedule for the distribution of:

  • Mail, Packages, Supplies and Records
  • Other: Moving/Transporting services for small to medium size equipment, parts and supplies from one location to another as requested

Fleet Management/Automotive Programs

  • Vehicle Purchasing and Assisting in the Liquidation of Outdated Vehicles
  • Fuel and Maintenance Program
  • Reporting