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Document & Records Management

OMG focuses on transforming business critical document processes to help increase staff productivity and ultimately meet your primary organizational goals: financials and budgets, innovations and improvements, and superior customer service.

Whether your records management challenge includes lack of document storage space; the cost, difficulties and uncertainties of self-storage; increasing concern over risk and compliance or you are simply dissatisfied with your current records management system, we can help with information management solutions specifically designed for you.

OMG takes an innovative approach to optimizing the value of business information: more proactive, fact-driven, and directly supportive of productive activity, while continuing to ensure the protection of your valuable records and assets. OMG works with your current systems to ensure overall process quality; preserves chain-of-custody, effectively manage systems, space and your records program by providing:

  • Reduced Program Costs
  • Improved Workflow and Processes
  • Reengineered Records Program and Controls
  • Optimized Storage Systems
  • Improved Access to Critical information
  • Coordinated Retention Programs
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