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Optimization Through Integration of Mailroom, Print/Copy, Logistics/Courier and More

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to bring our industry expertise to you so you can focus on your core business activities. With our knowledge, certified personnel, and dedicated supplier support, we're the ideal partner to give you exactly what you need, where you need it. Our experience allows us to uncover cost savings and capture lost revenue, with all of the savings going directly to your bottom line.

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"Over the years, we've saved our clients millions of dollars using our proven methodology, efficiency measures, and expertise."

What We Deliver

Our clients come to us to manage and gain efficiencies in the following areas:

Mail Center Management

Print/Copy Center

Logistics & Couriers

Documents & Records

Professional Office Services

Shipping & Receiving

Industry Consulting

Healthcare Logistics

"Our expertise and technology are guaranteed to save you time and money – driving efficiency, boosting productivity and securing bottom-line savings."

Why Choose Us

Our passion for the work that we do is the defining characteristic that allows us to dominate the competition. We simply love exceeding expectations and delivering outstanding service every day. We are committed to forming a long-term partnership with each client. This relationship allows us to provide flexible service as your business grows. 

Our Team Members are industry trained, certified and educated so they can continually analyze processes to find cost savings and value-add for you!

We strive to find the best value for our clients by remaining impartial to all vendors, equipment, hardware, and software. Our solutions are thoughtfully right-sized for your unique needs.

We provide valuable tools such as volume reporting, financial analysis information, forecasting trended data, budget efficiencies, technological advantages and a partner to help you be successful.

Our operations are completely customizable and scalable to meet each client’s unique needs, to include multi-site, multi-city and multi-state operations.

Estimate your potential savings!

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Onsite Management Group is a facilities management company dedicated to the optimization of service centers. We provide cost-effective solutions that intertwine effortlessly with your organization and adapt quickly as your business changes and grows.

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